ITSA | March 2016 - ITSA
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  • Sprite Micro Scooter

    6:52 am | March 10, 2016

    Lightweight but sturdy, the Sprite is a versatile 2 wheel scooter suitable from 5 years to adult. Features include adjustable handlebars, kickstand and an easy folding mechanism for transporting.

  • Dress Up Prest-O Change-O

    6:37 am | March 10, 2016

    Junior magicians outfit includes quality cape, vest, top hat, magic wand and gloves. Tricky secret pockets will ensure a creative magic show. The Prest-o Change-o Dress Up Kit has all of the bits and pieces that you’ll need to become the greatest magician of all time! This includes 50 magic tricks like colour changing hankies, card tricks and a magic wand as well as […]

  • Hape Crane Lift

    6:04 am | March 10, 2016

    Builders of the future can plan and erect the construction site of their dreams. Working wooden crane set includes safety barriers and cones just like the real thing. Encourage your little one’s imagination into play when erecting a construction site. Let the little planner describe the scene While setting up each piece. This will open up a world of pretend play. This includes one […]