Dress Up Prest-O Change-O
6:37 am | March 10, 2016

Junior magicians outfit includes quality cape, vest, top hat, magic wand and gloves. Tricky secret pockets will ensure a creative magic show. The Prest-o Change-o Dress Up Kit has all of the bits and pieces that you’ll need to become the greatest magician of all time! This includes 50 magic tricks like colour changing hankies, card tricks and a magic wand as well as a top-hat and cape. This is perfect for budding magician apprentices that will have you feeling like a professional magician in no time.
Included too is an illustrated instruction booklet and an additional instructional video which helps makes learning new tricks really easy. This is the perfect way for kids to develop their confidence and communication skills all the while having fun as they dress up as a magician and thrilling their audiences by displaying cool magic tricks.

Watch some cool tricks here

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